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“Expressions from Experiences”  is a novel that prompts readers to reflect on their personal experiences and the ways they express themselves based on these experiences. The book conveys the message that life is perceived through the lens of one’s knowledge and emphasizes that personal experiences do not define the limits of one’s potential. It encourages continuous growth and improvement by unlearning old concepts and adopting better ways of dealing with life. The central theme is transforming setbacks into opportunities for wisdom, advocating for turning misfortunes into fortunes, and recognizing that excuses lead nowhere.


Expressions from Experiences is a Novel that makes the reader reflect on the toil of their personal experiences as well as how they express themselves based on their life’s experiences.

The message in the book teaches that one cannot see life beyond the scope of their knowledge.
It also reinforces that one’s experiences in life do no have to become the end of life, but it is always possible to advance, to do better and know better through unlearning former concepts and re-learning better ways of dealing with this life.

In short, it says that anyone can always turn their misfortunes into mega-fortunes. “Turn your past experiences into wisdom” rather than to see setbacks as a hindrance. Remember that, Excuses are a Bridge to Nowhere.


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